About us

Mother and Daughter duo whose aim is to focus on the little things to help a bigger picture

ALOHA! We are the Ho family. We are a mother (Debbie Ho) and daughter (Cassie Ho) team who are lucky enough to call Honolulu, Hawaii our home. We are a family of six, husband/father (Peter Ho), and son/brother (Colby Ho), Labrador mastiff (Mahi) and french bulldog (Kali). Family, known as Ohana is at the center of our core values. As a family, we may not always have the financial means to do or experience everything that we would like. However, we have come to realize that money is not nearly as important as family and the little things. 

        HI! I am Cassie Ho, a 19-year-old student athlete who is temporarily calling Buffalo, New York home. An opportunity to veer out of the Hawaiian islands, and move 4,629 miles away, arose 2 years ago when the head coach of the Canisius College softball team contacted me with an interest in my ability to help her team to their goal. I was blessed to apart of only 1.6% of high school softball player who is able to pursue their goal of playing at Division 1 level. I have not only Canisius College, in specific Coach Griff, but my father (Peter) as well to thank for that opportunity. Never would I have thought that I would be attending college in the northeastern region of the United States but more so would I or people who knew me in the past believe that it would be through a softball scholarship. If asked by anyone who had known me when I was younger (between the ages of 3 through 11 years old) to describe me in one word, the first thing that would come to their mind would have been negative remarks. Words like lazy, plump, chubby, bitter, shy, grumpy and unmotivated. I was shy, unhappy and living in my own little bubble. I felt as if, there was nothing that I could do, nor say. It was not until a little push from my parents who forced me to be active, control my eating desires and see the world and people differently that I was able to regain the confidence and personality that was brewing inside of me for 12 years. Now that I am in a place in my life that, I have both experienced what it feels like to think that there is no help, no uses, and no point; as well as what it feels like to work for something that you really want, fight for a common goal and realize that there are people in this crazy world that are placed into your life to help you as long as you let them. Therefore, I want to make it my mission to be (what my parents were for me) that little glimpse of hope for someone who may not yet see the hope that is within in them.  Bags of ALOHA is their smile that homeless often times do not partake in.


       ALOHA, Cassie here again, because my mom does not like to talk about herself.  This is my mother, Debbie Ho, a mother of two and a wife to one. Taking care of people have always been something that she did not think twice about. It was an act that she thought was normal, and ordinary. When things are not going as planned, she is both a shoulder to cry on as well as the first hand in helping you solve it or get through it. Without any hesitation nor questions, she took in her parents as well as her husbands parents under her roof numerous years ago. Therefore, we now live in a household with 8 family members and 2 dogs. And if you were to experience a day in the Ho house, you would see the tremendously hard job of keeping the house running smoothly that my mom prospers in.